Friday, February 24, 2017

First Time

  This is my first blog and the reason that I chose Random Thoughts is because I never know at any given moment what I might be thinking about;a song on the radio and the thoughts it brings back, how to help a relationship that is struggling, a difficult classroom child, beautiful people in my life, some sweet kids from the classroom,the clever things that my grandchildren/brothers/ husband/sister/nieces/nephews/friends/in-laws say, my relationship with God, etc.
  Last night I sang at one of the two nursing homes where we sing once a month. I often feel like a sham because when people hear that I'm spending my time at music practice and then performing the music for one of our "hidden" populations of people; people often think and then say, "you're so wonderful to give your time like that!" I first feel guilty, then unworthy. I have a little secret to share, it is a passion of mine to sing and in the no-stress atmosphere of the nursing home where many of the residents are slumped over, often with their eyes closed, it aint too hard.  Don't get me wrong, some of the clients last night were tapping their toes and singing along to our mostly old hymns,then they clapped and express their appreciation at the end of our 45 minute set of songs.
   It all started about 10 years ago when a wise speaker announced to a crowd, "One way to avoid burn out in your teaching career is to follow other passions in the rest of your life". Then at another time, I was told, "God has given you an interest that gives you great joy, so develop it, and use it for his glory".
  So here I am following that joy with a retired, late in life guitar player and his faithful roadie wife, and a young millennium woman who has a passion for music and doesn't mind singing with two oldies.
  And it feels good.